Five questions you must ask in a maid interview.

So, you have shortlisted a few maids you might hire. Hiring an FDW is a bigger deal than you might think. Afterall you are hiring someone to stay in your home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your kids would probably see her more than you for next few years, or you might be trusting her with your parent’s health. It is undoubtedly important to vet a maid before you hire her.

Here are five questions you must ask a maid before hiring her.

1] Ask about her family.

You can learn a lot about a maid by asking about her family. Most importantly, you will get an idea why she is working as FDW in Singapore and what drives her dedication. This will also help you empathise with her.

2] Ask her to cook something for you.

The maid may claim to know various dishes and cuisine, but the only way to be sure is to ask her to cook something for you, taste it and then decide. Also, if you have some dietary traditions, make sure she is comfortable with them.

3] Ask why she is leaving the previous employer.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, was once asked if he could ask only one question while recruiting, what would it be? His answer: Why are you leaving your last job. The same applies here. If your home is a company, then the maid is a chief operating officer, and you need to understand her reason to leave the last employer.

4] Ask her about your specialised needs.

More often than not, you would have some tasks that the maid need to do with utmost care. It might be taking care of your infant or elderly parents or something else. Press her about her experience in that area, make sure she is not bloating her profile.

5] Ask about her religious belief.

Religion is a sensitive topic for many. You are lucky if you and the maid share the same religious belief, but if not, you should test her religious tolerance. You might have rules about consuming certain meat or some religious practice you follow. You must ensure that the maid will not disrespect your religious beliefs.

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