Hampi – New year 2023 Solo traveller’s group

Hello All 👋,

You probably came across this page via google ads or some FB group. Well, Welcome.

So, the idea is pretty simple. I will be in Hampi for New Year 2023 and was wondering if I can find other solo/small group travelers who are doing the same.

  1. Join the Telegram group via the link: https://t.me/+zS6dfPT1n000YWI1
  2. DM a screenshot of your travel or stay confirmation within 2 days of joining the group for basic verification
  3. Post a short intro about yourself for the rest of the group members.
  4. Get to know fellow travelers; Ask questions; talk about your plans; any secret must-visit place you know; Enjoy.

Note: You will be removed from the group if you do not complete step 2.

Why Telegram? – You can join a group without sharing phone number. Also it has some great tools to organise new groups