Why you shouldn’t post your political views on Facebook.

Source The 2019 elections are coming up and you are preparing to turn your Facebook feed into a “House of Cards”ish political drama. Don’t. There are a shit ton of reasons why you shouldn’t post your political views on facebook but, let’s first discuss few reasons why you would want to post them. 1] You […]

One week of Algo-free lifestyle

I probably spend 80% of my free time on the internet. Of this probably 95% is spent on sites/apps which heavily personalize their content for me. These sites and services try to learn anything and everything about me and use it to distract me, suck up as much of my attention as they can. Facebook/ […]

The Medium - Message Fit

I am pretty sure you are annoyed by facebook posts like the one below. The “Tag this guy/ tag that girl/ tag that Apache Helicopter” genre of Facebook posts has proliferated in my news feed in the last year. These kinds of posts have minuscule entertainment value but still, generate massive activity because people keep […]