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  • Some TV that I used to know

    The year was 2007. The place, my school. The last bell rang. We rushed out of the classroom like bubbles of well-shaken soda bottle and headed for bicycle stand. A debate started heating up about the current form of Yuvraj Singh and the upcoming T20 world cup as we headed back home. Although I was […]

  • Two major disadvantages of Smartphone revolution in India

    https://play.ht/articles/d40c2dd6cb07 The unmitigated advantages of Internet and Smartphone proliferation is one of the things I have changed my mind about in last few years. There is no doubt that the current Smartphone and internet revolution that is happening in India is going to be cause of many fundamental changes in Indian society. But some of […]

  • “Chota Hathi” Vs Actual Elephant

    Tata ace Commercial A few years ago Tata made this commercial for their pick up vehicle ACE. In the TVC it is implied that Tata ace is equivalent to a small elephant. Or is it ? * Roll Vsauce intro music* A few days ago when I started thinking about the question, I immediately thought that […]