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  • Reduce things that make you happy.

    If I get money, will that make me happy? If I get a prestigious job, will that make me happy? If I get a girlfriend, will that make me happy? If I get X will that make me happy? — Every 20-something must have thought along this line sometime. In this blog I try to […]

  • But, what is Sense of Ownership anyway?

    What is Sense of Ownership? What is ownership? What does it mean to own something? Of course you can get a reasonable answer by looking up “ownership” in a dictionary, but sense of ownership is a much more vague concept. We will try to explore some attributes of and factors from which the sense of […]

  • Think you are lazy? you might just be a Lazy Enthusiast!

    Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash When I was creating my Medium profile I used the phrase “Lazy Enthusiast(LE)” to describe myself in the bio section. I did not really think about what it’s supposed to mean, but it just felt right. Over time, I started mentally tagging people I meet as “Lazy Enthusiast(LE)” or “not Lazy […]

  • What I learned working 6 weeks on a shitty side project

    Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash About a month ago, I started working on Unfluence! It was going to be the perfect side project. In fact, Here is a list of things why it was going to be a perfect side project. The idea was inspired by a book. It solved a real problem I had. […]

  • A Capitalist went to an Orphanage

    Once upon a time, a Capitalist went to an orphanage. He was there to fix some plumbing issue with the tap water system and had already agreed with the Management about the remuneration in exchange for his labor and expertise in accordance with the market prices. He was pondering over the fact that orphanage was […]

  • How can you convince me to drink bleach for Coronavirus?

    “There are people, who drank bleach to cure coronavirus!!! What a bunch of idiots. I mean how dumb one has to be, to actually do something so dangerous just because someone on the internet suggested it.” I thought, as I prepare to snort chilli powder to get rid of acne. I heard about the ‘snorting […]

  • Why Hire transfer maid in Singapore?

    So you have decided to hire a maid or FDW as they are more frequently called. You have to keep a few things in mind here. 1] Why do you really need FDW? Finding the right FDW is really a key to making your life easier. If your expectation and the skills of the FDW do […]

  • The Medium - Message Fit

    I am pretty sure you are annoyed by facebook posts like the one below. The “Tag this guy/ tag that girl/ tag that Apache Helicopter” genre of Facebook posts has proliferated in my news feed in the last year. These kinds of posts have minuscule entertainment value but still, generate massive activity because people keep […]

  • Some TV that I used to know

    The year was 2007. The place, my school. The last bell rang. We rushed out of the classroom like bubbles of well-shaken soda bottle and headed for bicycle stand. A debate started heating up about the current form of Yuvraj Singh and the upcoming T20 world cup as we headed back home. Although I was […]

  • Two major disadvantages of Smartphone revolution in India The unmitigated advantages of Internet and Smartphone proliferation is one of the things I have changed my mind about in last few years. There is no doubt that the current Smartphone and internet revolution that is happening in India is going to be cause of many fundamental changes in Indian society. But some of […]