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  • My introduction to F1

    I have done it. I followed the complete F1 2017 season. This may not sound like an achievement, but for a 22-year-old who hasn’t ever followed any sport in his entire lifetime, it is a special achievement. Until March of this year, I didn’t use to follow any sport. Of course, as an Indian, I […]

  • The Uber bond- The finances of future transportation

    Uber’s self driving efforts Almost everyone in the technology space is expecting self-driving cars to be future of personal transport. The day is not far when you would get up in the morning, get ready for work, and as you open your front door, a car rolls right in front of you. You get in the […]

  • Apple just went from a cult to a religion

    The temple of Apple. Iphone X was not the “One more thing ” of the September event, basically everyone in the tech world already knew it’s design and specs before launch thanks to the numerous leaks. Most of the other announcements like the apple watch and the apple TV were also predicted beforehand but, one thing […]

  • “Chota Hathi” Vs Actual Elephant

    Tata ace Commercial A few years ago Tata made this commercial for their pick up vehicle ACE. In the TVC it is implied that Tata ace is equivalent to a small elephant. Or is it ? * Roll Vsauce intro music* A few days ago when I started thinking about the question, I immediately thought that […]

  • Sell me this pen – A different take

    Most of the answers to the “sell me this pen” relies on trying to make the pen more valuable than it really is. But one might try a different approach. Here is how it might go: Interviewer: Sell me this pen.* Draws a random pen from the pen holder and places it on the table* […]

  • Why total human annihilation is less likely

    Every religion have a concept of world destruction.Hindu mythology says that universe is destroyed at end of every “Yuga” and is reborn again. Islam has concept of “Qayamat” or the “Day of Judgement”. The point is that it is quite common for humans to think that humanity is doomed in future. This begs the question, […]

  • 8 Weird ways to make toilet better.

    So, toilets have been around for a while now. Toilet use can be dated back to 2500 BC in Indus valley civilization, where they were just pits connected via pipes to the waste water flow of the city. And their design haven’t changed much over past 4500 years. So, I think toilets are long overdue […]