AI will make us all self reliant

The AI-Automation trend is the story of how we become self-reliant at an individual level.

A hypothetical example:

The story goes that Drew Houston conceived dropbox after repeatedly forgetting his USB flash drives while at MIT. But the thing is, dropbox is a fairly complex software product, that took significant effort to build out.

Drew had to make dropbox into a company that made money because it didn’t make sense to spend a year developing software that made only his life marginally better.

Say, with chatgpt Drew could have made dropbox in only a couple of hours, he would have just made it and gone on with his life as it was. Who knows, maybe he would have open-sourced the code for others to use as well.

With AI-Automation, typical things that you pay for: Software and content to start with but other things as technology advances will become effectively free. You won’t have to worry about job loss due to AI if you don’t have to pay for stuff anymore.

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