Nerd out on small things

Nerd out on the smallest things in life.

I am talking about things like cooking, ironing clothes, shampooing hair, and so on. These small things actually affect us a lot because we do them regularly, for our entire life. You will brush your teeth 25 thousand times in your life. And you will spend 104 work days doing it. Isn’t it worth spending half an hour researching the best way to do something you will spend 100 days doing?

And you know what the great news is?

Half an hour is enough. 

The internet is incredible at surfacing the best advice, how-tos, and reviews on the front page of the search results. Just search one of the following on Google; go down a few Reddit rabbit holes, watch a few YouTube videos. I guarantee it will directly lead to tangible improvement in your life.

  • What’s the best method to make Maggi
  • How to select the best hair conditioner for me
  • Ways to extend the life of expensive clothes
  • Dead simple skincare routine

Bonus point: It’s a great way to bond with a friend. We all have that one friend who is really passionate about perfumes or one who religiously follows a skincare routine. Ask them for advice and product recommendations. They will be happy to help and will be overjoyed to see you actually following their recommendation. An even bonuser point is that you will always have something to talk about when you meet them next time.

Bonus Point 2: Improve your life (a tiny bit) in the next 5 minutes

Pick a couple of apps you use the most on your phone.
Comb through the settings/options/preferences section of all the apps.
You are sure to find some filter, some mode, some privacy preference that you never knew was there but have been dying to use.


Here are a couple of links to resources on the smallest things that have actually helped me:

  1. Video on a simple skincare routine
  2. Make better coffee with V60
  3. Great thread on things that you only need to buy once

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