Sell me this pen – A different take

Most of the answers to the “sell me this pen” relies on trying to make the pen more valuable than it really is. But one might try a different approach. Here is how it might go:

Interviewer: Sell me this pen.* Draws a random pen from the pen holder and places it on the table*

Guy: *grabs the pen and observes it* The pen pinned to your shirt, that one looks expensive.

I: Indeed, It is a very expensive pen.

G: And it looks great too. I bet someone gave it to you as a gift.

I: As a matter of fact, yes. My wife gifted it to me on our last anniversary.

G: Then I think it is reasonable to think that it is very important to you. *Short pause* But a few minutes ago I saw you doodling with it.

I: So?

G: Sir do you know who was rated the sexiest women last year?

I: I guess it was Emma something.

G: It was Emilia Clarke. Do you know why Sunny Leone or Mia Malkova wasn’t rated most sexy? They certainly exhibit more sexuality than Emilia.

I: *becomes a little self-conscious* I guess because Emilia doesn’t show her sexuality in each and every GoT episode.

G: Exactly.

G: You cannot doodle with that pen in a random interview if you want it to be sexy. You can only use it to sign million dollar contracts and write letters to your loved ones.

G: For doodling and other dirty work, use this cheap replaceable pen I want you to buy, and maintain the sexiness of the pen you love.

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